Dangers of Sleeping With the Light On

Sleep is a regular activity performed by any people in various ages . There are so many benefits that we can get out of bed , especially at night time . Some of the benefits of sleep a night is the physical and mind can rest after a day of activities that are relatively dense . There are some people who like to sleep the night with the lights on . But there is also a night’s sleep without the light from the lamp . Then , is there any danger of a night’s sleep with the lights on for the health of the body … ? ? ?
Dangers of Sleeping With the Light On
Companions , health tips . Sleep at night with the lights turned out to have an impact that is not good for your health . Maybe you ‘ve never imagined before , used to sleep with a night light lit conditions will increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease , metabolic system disorders and possibly even diabetes . This article will address a discussion about the dangers of sleeping with the lights on , especially at night , Here is the danger of sleeping with the lights on at night :

Sleeping With the Light On Night Melatonin Inhibit Production . The hormone melatonin plays a role in preventing and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the body . So it is advisable to turn off the lights during the night in order to produce the hormone melatonin more leverage when you are fast asleep .
Sleeping With the Light On Night Very Not Good At Women . This is because , exposure to light at night may increase the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer for women . Thus , mothers and young women should start getting used to sleeping the night with no lights .
Various Adverse Effect Also Threatening Health Risk Your Body . This is because , do not get comfortable night’s sleep with the light off will result in a variety of sleep disorders , cardiovascular diseases , disorders of the body’s metabolic system and the likelihood of developing diabetes that could threaten your life .

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